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For common issues, see the quick troubleshooting tips here.
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    Quick Troubleshooting

    Can`t enter / Re-enter the store / Screen Interaction Issues

    Firstly, you must tap to enter the store; make sure you are doing this.

    Secondly, there is a sporadic issue with first-time play where this happens, please do the following:

    a) Double click your home button to open up the list of open applications
    b) Close MULE Returns from the list of running applications (by either swiping up on iOS7 or pressing the X on iOS6)
    c) Re-load the game

    I don`t have sound on my iPad

    Please check the side switch on the iPad and make sure it`s in the OFF position.
    MULE Returns won’t override the MUTE feature of the iPad like other applications.