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The classic Atari game of supply and demand economies is back with a fresh coat of paint;

The game is a ton of strategic fun, even 30 years later.

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The iOS Revival of M.U.L.E. is Coming Along Nicely

Small indie team at Comma 8 Studios bringing a reskinned version of the classic turn-based strategy game M.U.L.E.

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Pocket Gamer

Original strategy simulator M.U.L.E. receives an iOS remake and teaser trailer

One of the first strategy and simulation games, M.U.L.E. is prepared to receive a remake for this year for the iOS.

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Touch Arcade

First Trailer for Official M.U.L.E. Remake, Coming to iOS this Year

Ozark Softscape and EA’s 1983 classic M.U.L.E. redefined the strategy genre and set the stage for pretty much every strategy and simulation title to follow in the coming decades.

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