Screenshot Feedback

We’ve posted some good drafts of our game start screens and the map screen (found here). I would love to hear your feedback! Matt

Venture Beat Article

Great article about our friends making Alpha Colony (and us too!) Kickstarter project aims to reimagine classic Atari game M.U.L.E. (exclusive)...

Original C64 Manual Scans

I think my favourite part in the manual is on page 15 and 16 where the author’s playing styles are described.  

Smart AI

In thinking about the MULE AI (and yes, we will be faithful to the original)…but what if it was super-smart?  


Just re-read a very thoughtful review of the retro M.U.L.E. It reminded me of a concept that Will Wright talked about called Emergence (in the evolutionary sense) where a game with a simple set of rules results in a much deeper experience.  In plain English – it...