M.U.L.E Returned…and then left again!

Back from a 30 year hiatus, M.U.L.E. had returned for a 5 year stint on mobile platforms. It has once again gone into retirement perhaps to be resurrected on some future date. 


Thank you for all the support over the years. It was our pleasure to be part of the history of this amazing franchise.


For those who didn’t know, MULE is a ridiculously fun and addictive strategy game that combines real-time and turn-based styles as you battle for land and resources on a newly colonized planet.

The game is easy to grasp but provides great depth of gameplay.

In the game, four players attempt to colonize a distant planet. They do this by using M.U.L.E.’s (Multiple Use Labour Element) to harvest food, collect energy, and mine minerals.

You have to do two things to win: make your colony successful, and amass the greatest wealth.

All for One, and One for all, and one for yourself!

Gameplay Video