MULE Themes Summary

All the MULE theme variations submitted for our “Groove Contest”! Auralplane Theme Leagueofkruger Theme Xachorax Theme Joe S Theme Visa Roster Theme Magnar Ambient Music Kevin M MULE Loop Joe M...

Entry 7 – Ambience (Day 7/7)

On our last day we have two more entries for your listening pleasure. These are both more ambient loop-friendly pieces. Kevin M MULE Loop Magnar Ambient Music

Entry 5 – Joe M. (Day 5/7)

Not to be confused with yesterday’s post from Joe S.; this is Joe M. I can imagine a group of new colonizers getting together in the pub with some home-made instruments salvaged from some MULEs and putting this together. Joe M Theme

Entry 4 – Joe S. (Day 4/7)

Fantastic version of the theme – grab some headphones or good speakers to appreciate the bass line. Joe S Theme