Screenshot Feedback

We’ve posted some good drafts of our game start screens and the map screen (found here). I would love to hear your feedback! Matt

Original C64 Manual Scans

I think my favourite part in the manual is on page 15 and 16 where the author’s playing styles are described.  


Just re-read a very thoughtful review of the retro M.U.L.E. It reminded me of a concept that Will Wright talked about called Emergence (in the evolutionary sense) where a game with a simple set of rules results in a much deeper experience.  In plain English – it...


Hello all faithful and new M.U.L.E. fans! We are well under way in game development and excited to bring this franchise back after a 29 year hiatus. When you get a chance do follow up on Twitter/Facebook as we would love to get your feedback on bits and pieces as we...