We're Alive!!

We’ve been heads down working! Android, PC, and Mac versions are all well on their way. First order of business: – We’re starting the Steam Greenlight process to get our PC game on Steam. – We’ll need your support and we’ll need...

MULE Themes Summary

All the MULE theme variations submitted for our “Groove Contest”! Auralplane Theme Leagueofkruger Theme Xachorax Theme Joe S Theme Visa Roster Theme Magnar Ambient Music Kevin M MULE Loop Joe M...

V 1.2.0 Released

New release out! 1. Various computer intelligence improvements! 2. Improved Auctions: – can now buy entire store stock – timer stops during purchase/sale – possible to skip auctions when all players completed moves – buy/sell speed now...

New Trailer

Hell friends. I’ve uploaded an updated gameplay trailer for the game launching this Monday, Novemeber 25th! Hope you like it. Matt

Updated Screenshots

Hello everyone! I’ve updated some screenshots from our BETA build here – let me know what you think. Matt and team

Entry 7 – Ambience (Day 7/7)

On our last day we have two more entries for your listening pleasure. These are both more ambient loop-friendly pieces. Kevin M MULE Loop Magnar Ambient Music

Entry 5 – Joe M. (Day 5/7)

Not to be confused with yesterday’s post from Joe S.; this is Joe M. I can imagine a group of new colonizers getting together in the pub with some home-made instruments salvaged from some MULEs and putting this together. Joe M Theme

Entry 4 – Joe S. (Day 4/7)

Fantastic version of the theme – grab some headphones or good speakers to appreciate the bass line. Joe S Theme